Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fannie Mae frauded zillions of Homeowners: Watch how it makes $$ from YOUR carbon credits

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In a departure from the normal posting here, consider this: You don't think what happened to American homeowners and their mortgages has anything to do with you? You can watch this slide show from a popular blog and see how the fraud works in foreclosures. You can also scroll down and watch the video from my previous post about how the mortgage providers profit from short sales and foreclosures.

Evidently, if you can fraud one group of people successfully then you can go on to fraud even more. Not everyone thinks that the majority of home loans was a cesspool of fraud, but many think it has been a fraud nightmare for years. Left unchallenged power corrupts, and with big money at stake power and greed make a frightening partnership.

FANNIE MAE is now planning to do with CARBON CREDITS what it did with the mortgage market. In its first step Fannie Mae has obtained patent rights for system to trade household energy into carbon credits...Be AFRAID be VERY AFRAID

For years its been drilled into us to save... and now they will profit big time READ the article here: WND  Exclusive

Disgraced Fannie Mae deep in carbon scheme

Mortgage giant set to collect millions marketing homeowners' energy savings

Posted: June 25, 2010
11:10 pm Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

With the Obama administration pushing for cap-and-trade legislation, former Clinton and Obama adviser Franklin Raines has positioned the government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae to make millions by selling carbon credits from American homes.

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