Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alrady40's TwitWall

Alrady40's TwitWall
: "The state has money for foreclosure prevention. We are second largest number of foreclosures and estimates are that 70-90% of foreclosures are filled with fraud. �AND YET THIS STATE SITS DOING NOTHING ... 3 months and no finalized plans, while other states have been helping victims since July.�

GMAC has been halted in 23 states with 5 other states halting and/or investigating the fraud. Does our state halt fraud? �NO we are 2nd in line for record foreclosures and our AG can't be bothered to halt the GMAC mortgages like other states have. � NO announcement of lawsuit to determine legalities ....... ��

MEANWHILE: the state is allowed to use funds to BUY UP foreclosed homes... CONFLICT OF INTEREST??? yup cause the state also decides whether a owner has a claim to regain home or prevent foreclosure legally!!!! � Those that fight foreclosure - fight it in state court!!!!

�So look around your block and that neighbor with house about to foreclose,,, and the state won't grant a temporary restraining order or issue a MORATORIUM ON GMAC (while many other stays have halted proceedings) � - � � WELL that will LOWER your property value, possibly increase crime and ROB the community of tax revenue. �

WAKE UP ARIZONA Demand that your officials fix this mess!!!! �"

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