Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chicago mayor race wide open as Daley steps aside #1160677

Chicago mayor race wide open as Daley steps aside:

"CHICAGO -- Months of political jockeying began in earnest Wednesday as speculation grew about who would try to succeed Mayor Richard M. Daley as leader of the nation's third-largest city, including one-time aide and current White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Wednesday he has 'no doubt' that Emanuel will weigh his future options now that the race for Chicago mayor is wide open. Emanuel has made no secret of wanting to run for Chicago mayor one day.

'Obviously something like that doesn't come around a lot,' Gibbs told reporters traveling with the president to Ohio. 'I presume that Rahm will take some time and make a decision about that.'

"I don't think we have to have a strong-arm type of mayor," said Alderman Sandi Jackson, who has been named as a possible contender, along with her husband, Jackson Jr. "We're in dire economic times so it would behoove them to bring everybody to the table and to find ways to work with everyone."

Read entire article by clicking on title link at top of page.  Additionally try reading for even more depth the NPR report of this topic. 

NOTE:  Does this mean that foreclosures are going to be a major influence in the mayoral race? 

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