Thursday, September 9, 2010

Danielle Staub speaks about 'Real Housewives' exit: 'I didn't want to be treated like crap anymore' |

NOTE: Reality TV gets more "REAL" with this interview. How many times have we heard this kind of thing? This excellent interview is by Emily Exton and can be read by clicking on title link

Danielle-StaubImage Credit: Andrei Jackamets/Bravo
Danielle Staub speaks about 'Real Housewives' exit: 'I didn't want to be treated like crap anymore' | "Would Teresa’s financial situation be lumped into that? Is that something you feel you can’t comment on?
Oh, I can comment on that. I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. I can’t sit back at watch people glorify — her glorify — saying, “Oh, I didn’t know, and after I filed bankruptcy I went and spent $60 grand…” I can’t, I cannot let her justify that. I’m going through hard times! We all go through hard times, but go through the hard times. That’s what makes you stronger. So I’m going to say I will respect her when she just owns up to it. When I said her house was in foreclosure, I was right. She’s still saying it’s not, but she didn’t pay the mortgage — it’s the same thing. Your house is in foreclosure if you don’t pay the mortgage! Do I know for a fact anything that is going on with her? No I do not, but as she stated about me in season 1, “the court documents don’t lie.” It’s sad that her children are having to see this change, but I do" and further comment
It's $11 million. That’s crazy, they never earned that kind of money! That, to me, feels very wrong. That could feed a whole country! [Laughs] I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s right and I wouldn’t think it was right if it was anyone other than Teresa either. I don’t think it’s right for the other ladies to consider themselves friends when they’re telling her to defend this. There is no defense for this. And stop saying it’s your husband’s fault. It’s both of you. You have four children. You have to be aware something’s going on. Come on! I just don’t like people who are fake. I don’t.

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