Saturday, October 9, 2010

FORECLOSURE DEFENSE: Comic Jon Stewart The Daily Show "Gets It"

While the foreclosure mess is nothing to laugh about in general, Jon Stewart puts it together in a way that made me laugh.  While I am a conservative Republican (gasp) and dont' agree with opening sentiments the rest of his Comic Jon Stewert has a grasp on what is happening and puts it together in a way that shows the absurdity of what is happening.  

At approximately 4:00 in he really revs it up.    ONE must wonder how the American people can Foreclose on Themselves?  I didn't sign off on my foreclosures. 

Warning if you are EASILY offended do not watch.  If you are MEDIUM-LY offended turn it off about 4:30
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Foreclosure Crisis
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LeD'z said...

i like the way it was presented though its really a kinda different approach yet it is still good..

Alrady said...

LeD'z for sure. Thanks for the comment.... it is an amazing financial time we are living through... At least we can still laugh a little. :)