Saturday, October 16, 2010

Les Leopold: How to Earn $900,000 an Hour While Unemployment Soars

While this article is a little bit beyond the scope of my foreclosure /eviction fraud topics - it rings a bell. The 2nd step is definitively about mortgage fraud. So many are working hard at sub standard pay. Try living in California for instance on 5-8.00 an hour. People have lost jobs, moved to lower paying jobs and pretty soon NO JOBS. Trying to get help with mortgages or rent is practically impossible if you do work and live in Arizona, where the poverty level is so low that I doubt anyone is living that makes that little. At least not living with house, car, insurance, electricity, and water.

Les Leopold: How to Earn $900,000 an Hour While Unemployment Soars: "some critics will keep pointing the finger at you, saying that the financial sector crashed the economy. Ignore them and put the blame where it belongs - somewhere else. When in doubt, seek guidance from the pros on Wall Street. They know exactly who to blame:

The few bad apples who gave out mortgages like candy
The greedy Americans who bought homes they couldn't afford (they should have ignored the bankers who told them they could!)
The politicians who pushed for risky loans for 'low-income' buyers (subtext: favoritism for minorities.)
The Fed, which kept interest rates too low for too long, inflating the bubble
And, most importantly, American consumers who 'lived beyond their means,' running up too much debt. (Those people, not you, really need to tighten their belts!)"

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