Friday, October 22, 2010

STERNS: Man Making Millions From Foreclosures -

Meet the Man Making Millions From Foreclosures - "Stern's own attorney claims his boss gets a flat fee of $1,400 a foreclosure - and mind you his firm handles thousands... a month!!

According to reports, Stern has an island home near Fort Lauderdale worth $15 million which includes a tennis court,� A condo in the city - worth $six million because of course it has to have ocean views and another $6 million home nearby in Hillsboro Beach!

He won't have to worry about getting between homes. He has four Porsches, three Ferraris, a Cadillac, a Rolls-Royce, and a Bugatti; that’s 10 cars!

And I didn't even mention his yacht yet!

This is why: The number of foreclosures that have passed through his firm more than quadrupled since 2006. And revenue for his firm - nearing the $200 million mark. In 2006, it was a measly $40 million or so!"

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