Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Hampshire RSA 479 letter ... DON'T MOVE forum helps

this is from a forum message board and geared toward New Hampshire state laws and regulations. If you are in pre-foreclosure or just receiving this letter, read up and see what you can do. click title link for full message board posting and other information.

RSA 479 letter ... The best $200 bucks you can spend, and why. - Public Forum - Category 1 - Fighting Foreclosure in NH - Message Board: "“You are hereby notified that you have a right to petition the superior court for the county in which the mortgaged premises are situated, with service upon the mortgagee, and upon such bond as the court may require, to enjoin the scheduled foreclosure sale.'' Failure to institute such petition and complete service upon the foreclosing party, or his agent, conducting the sale prior to sale shall thereafter bar any action or right of action of the mortgagor based on the validity of the foreclosure.

What you should NOT do ? Do not ignore this letter. Do not start looking for another place to live. Unless you're just going to go away quietly, then this letter should spur you to ACTION. You will usually get a couple of these letters. One that looks blandly like the above and another one that has an auction date in it.

What should you do ? The answer is 'it depends'.

Let me start with my case because that's what I know best. I'm here in the first place because of loan mod fraud. My end-game is to simply get the bank to give me what they"

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