Friday, November 12, 2010

Obama - The Foreclosure Presidency

NOTE: It is such a joke... government dessimates the housing, then the jobs market and then allows people to be continued to be thrown to the curb. shameful

Obama - The Foreclosure Presidency: "Eleven million homes will be foreclosed between today and 2015. Forty-four million men woman and children, more people than reside in most states will lose their homes. Obama has Sided with the Banks and the Republicans on this Issue. In Other Words, the Problem Worsens


Barack Obama, despite what he represented to some well-intentioned people back in 2008, has become the king of home foreclosures, the Herbert Hoover of the practice. He has failed miserably in easing the unemployment problem, mostly because he spent so much of his first two years passing and helping along a Republican health care plan designed by the man who might run against him in 2012, Mitt Romney.

He should have spent those first two years working on the unemployment problem, creating jobs. He did eventually get around to creating some jobs, but we are stuck at almost 10 percent unemployment. And he has gone to India to find jobs for Americans. Does that mean he will go to China to find jobs for Americans? It's like my neighbor said when I told him Obama was over in India finding jobs for Americans.

'How will we get there?'he asked.

At the present time, nearly 10,000 people lose their homes every day, and Obama has done little"

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