Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Sleeper" House is sold at foreclosure auction - The Denver Post

"Sleeper" House is sold at foreclosure auction - The Denver Post: "Denver investor John Dilday, a regular on the auction circuit who is known by his cronies in the industry as 'the Godfather,' said he already has a number of people interested in buying the house at 855 Visionary Trail.

Dilday typically buys homes to flip them to other investors.

'I usually don't buy houses like this unless I have interest,' Dilday said.

The foreclosed-upon owner, Michael Dunahay, walked into the auction just as it started to see whether anyone would bid on the house he paid $3.4 million for in 2006. In recent weeks, Dunahay publicly said he had a plan to keep the house, but he needed to pay the public trustee $170,773 by Tuesday to do so.

Dunahay became the home's first full-time resident since it was completed in 1965. He continued the tradition started by former owner John Huggins of hosting benefits for charities."

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