Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why are you going to court with friends? Stop Fraud #law

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Some weeks it seems as if we are going to court almost daily.   As the ranks swell with homeowners no longer wanting to "take it" without a fight, support for friends facing eviction or suing the banks take a heavy toll.  Witnessing corruption is never a non emotional experience. 

It can be time consuming, expensive (gas and parking)  to go to court, but there is a reward.  Learning. It is lifetime immersion learning of all things foreclosure.  I have learned many things that I would rather not know. I have learned many things that are beneficial.   But what can you DO positively while in court??? You do not have to cave into that hopeless feeling that the system is whirling out of control.

For months we took yellow pads to court so that we could take notes and learn, but we also can take notes and make complaints to the right departments.  This week I prepared my first JUDICIAL COMPLAINT. 

By the time I was done it was not pretty.   I had taken fairly good notes of both hearings, the initial hearing and the hearing to throw the homeowner out of his home.  It was pretty easy to fill out the complaint form, as the judge made it sooo simple.  Just deny every civil right guaranteed by the ARS laws (arizona revised statutes) and then making it painfully obvious that his mind was already made up. What a recipe for court drama.  

Watching homeowners lied to by lawyers, renters lied to about their rights to stay and witnessing the judges total bias towards bank lawyers - well I just can't stand by idly anymore.... what about you??? What will you do? 

According to Google you can do this:  

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