Friday, March 30, 2012

Government abuse & foreclosure action prompt "Chicken Man" to explode Roswell home

The Roswell Chicken Man simply wanted to live on his acerage with a few chickens, simple quiet life. Instead what he had was abuse by government and harrassment to the death. 16 years of his life were exchanged for what? The city rights to make a park later? If you have faced foreclosure and fought it, you know there is corruption and abuse in the legal system. This death should never have happened.
"Ex-lifelong RNC member who has seen the light. You could now say I am a strict Constitutional Conservative. I believe in G*d, Guns and The U.S. Constitution. My G*d and my guns will make sure the Constitution is obeyed." - Andrew's Facebook political views
The alleged abuse in the recording below is believable - if you have seen the blatent lying in court to get around laws. A person's life is precious and no'ones life is worth the exchange of property. Listen to the words of this man in the video below and then click on the link to watch the fire - realizing that Andrew Wordes was possibly burned to death in that fire, laying in the room. It is chilling to me that this happened. UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Andrew's body was found in the home.

"They harassed him about everything they could and put him in jail when he was sick and couldn’t complete his community service that he got for grading his own property - after the city directed rainwater to flood it. On their future city plan, his property was a PARK." she continued, "His blood is on their hands. They didn't kill him outright, but they harassed him to the point of him killing himself. " - friend

 (I assume this means a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) but the exact motion was not available to me.)

Our government is grabbing land at alarming rates. The corruption is nationwide and while fighting is not futile it often is unsuccessful. There are starting to be wins around the country, as our judges wake up and do their jobs and as those self representing band together and learn. People like Andrew that have learned about government corruption by both Democrats and Republicans are turning Independant. Ron Paul's popularity as a Libertarian could be corrulated to the rise in Govenment abuse.

WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT (supposedly). We cannot sit idly by - write your senators, call the Rosewell authorties, help your local neighbors - GET OFF YOUR BUTTS! One phone call can make a difference. Stop Praying For Change and Make Changes Happen. Then Pray it never happens again.

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Everyone knows that corruption exists especially in government agencies.