Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Denmark Joins Those Selling Debt at Negative Yields - WSJ.com


Denmark Joins Those Selling Debt at Negative Yields - WSJ.com

"The Danish economy is viewed as having very strong fundamentals. For the Danish government it is a very good thing, because even though our debt is rising we can save a lot of money," he added.

The Nordic country, which pegs its currency to the euro but isn't a member of the troubled neighboring monetary union, sold 1.55 billion Danish kroner ($263.8 million) of a bond that matures in just under two years bond at an average yield of -0.08%. The February 2014 bond attracted bids totaling 3.35 billion kroner, and follows a well-received auction of Danish inflation-linked government paper on May 24 that also saw investors accept a negative yield of 0.14% to keep their money with the Danish state.

Part of the allure stems from Denmark's close links to the strong neighboring German economy….. <keep reading by clicking on title link>


There is also news that the citizens and  government of Denmark are undergoing a radical, quiet revolution.  They are jailing the bankers responsible for spoiling the economy. Check out the posting on the FREEDUMBNATION blog.

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