Friday, September 3, 2010

Foreclosures Are Making People Sick - New America Media

Foreclosures Are Making People Sick - New America Media: "The foreclosure crisis is affecting tenants and homeowners, according to the public health agency. When banks repossess a home, they seldom bother to maintain it before putting it on the auction block, and the consequences can affect residents’ health, according to a study by Just Cause last summer that was funded by The California Endowment.

The study looked at how the high rate of foreclosures in select East and West Oakland neighborhoods had affected the health of their residents. A survey of 388 residents concluded that “foreclosures make us sick.”

Between 2006 and 2009, one in four mortgages in Oakland, affecting 14,941 property owners, began to enter into foreclosure, according to the report, titled, Rebuilding Neighborhoods, Restoring Health.”

Alameda County Health Department Deputy Director Dr. Sandra Witt highlighted the report’s findings.

Among them were:

� Almost one-third of tenants in foreclosed properties said they were living in sub-standard conditions with health risks due to mold, pests and utility shut-offs.
� Rates of stress, depression and anxiety were more than two times higher among foreclosed residents.
� Nearly 90 percent of foreclosed residents were struggling to make ends meet. Many have to choose w>>>KEEP READING"

UPDATE NOTE:  Just heard on the news that drinking increases as stress mounts during foreclosures...afterwards unable to afford the booze, people go through withdrawals. DT's prompt emergency room visits.  Alcohol withdrawal is the only drug withdrawal that can cause death according to the televised report.

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