Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gun Rights: Background check changes did not pass: KEep in mind the 2nd amendment (video)

OUR 2nd amendment was under an attack today (in Congress),  but thankfully our right to bear arms remains somewhat unhampered. AT this point what I hear mostly is that we have to do SOMEthing, and a whole lot of misinformation is out there as to what should be done, why and what the end result could be.  Piers Morgan on Twitter is calling the government "chicken."  While stricter background checks might be nice, they were left in the wrong people's hands, there was not enough thought put into the bill  (just like the Obama care bill - haste makes for problems)

Piers MorganPiers MorganVerified account@piersmorganHow many schoolchildren have to be murdered next time for Washington to do anything? 50, 100, 1000? Name the number, you cowards. @NRA
Piers and others - can you tell me WHAT a background check will actually do?  We already have stringent background checks and yet there are still killings. The elementary school killings recently were done with STOLEN weapons. The Colorado Theater Shootings were done by a crazy person who should have been seen as dangerous by psychiatrist and school that did not even look at the notebook with stick drawing that James Holmes mailed them ONE MONTH before the event. DEAL with existing laws and give people that need attention the attention they  need. The mental health system needs help.  And that is only half of it. There was a proposal to ban specific semi-automatic weapons.  

Even though I value freedom and don’t want any of my gun rights taken away (no matter how asinine you think they are),  I somewhat agree with Piers.  Here is the point of agreement, the government leaders took the easy way out and they didn't do homework and find a REAL solution. A stricter background check would do bo diddly for the type of murders we saw. Addresses real problems like mental health and access to mental health care would have done far more good. Passing bills on the backs of gun owners is easy solution (hey lets just ban them.) but doesn't do anything to lower the crime involving guns. So with that I agree with Piers - the leaders of our country are COWARDS.

At this point I have had friends say - I trust the government, or who needs the same guns the police have. I might remind them that if they don't have the equal power they could be unequally yoked with a rogue government. It is not just some scenario from the movies - it has happened before in different countries, as the government leaders turn on the citizens.  Here in the USA there have been several cases of martial law being instituted in various parts of the country.

In Tucson ARizona the martial law was limited and declared just last month (March, 2013.) Twice recently it was declared in  New England and Kansas and in Connecticut after severe weather storms similar to the State of Emergency that was declared over New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit  in 2005.

Other rumors of martial law being declared in Tucson, Arizona,and linked with the United Nations take over have been published (although, not verified by this author.) THE VOTE in Tucson (video). Kingman Arizona was rumored to have experienced martial law last year. In 2011 rumors of martial law in Quartzsite,Arizona were denied publicly.

Wonder what martial law really is?  It is the removal of all your constitutional rights for an indeterminate period of time. Military force can be utilized to force compliance.

AT any rate I found this video clip that outlines WHY we have the second amendment. My question is, do you trust your government enough to give up your right to save your own life or the lives of loved ones?

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