Sunday, February 20, 2011

Notary Complaint - Get it done: Robo Signing Foreclosures causes Notary scrutiny

Note: if you have not started a notary complaint yet - you'd better get cracking. Reporting crimes is part of the foreclosure fraud defense or foreclosure fight. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that if there was fruad - it wasn't done right. FIND OUT, stop sleeping or you will lose your home. Do you think someone is going to show up at the door and fill out the paperwork for you? It doesn't work that way. AS my friend used to say, "You snooze, you lose."

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Bottom Lines: Robo-signing foreclosures put scrutiny on notaries - Business: "Robinson said there have been worse instances of notary procedure abuse.
“What we’ve seen is notary’s seals and commission numbers were used outside of their knowledge,” he said.
Robinson said he would like to see states encourage or even mandate that notaries protect their seals, and keep and protect a record of their notarial activities.
Before robo-signing became widely known in the fall, federal legislation to have courts recognize notarizations made in other states sailed through Congress. That would have made processing the ocean of documents in the national foreclosure crisis much easier for banks and other lenders.
But in October, President Barack Obama exercised only his second veto so far, refusing to sign the measure and letting it expire.
The National Notary Association sees the events of the past year as an opportunity to inform the public about what notaries do. The group also wants to reinforce with notaries — about 4.8 million nationally and 200,000 in New Jersey — the importance of what they do and how they do it.
To that end, this month the group put out a white paper, “Why Notarization Is More Relevant and Vital Than Ever.”"


Olympia DC said...

I am so happy we finally put our notary complaint in!

Laura1050 said...

How can a notary defend himself in the midst of all the fraud, illegal evictions and robo-signing? Maybe someone used his seal and number without his knowledge.

My concern is that when the dust is all cleared, very few people will be going to jail.

Alrady said...

Laurie great comment. I am sure that the notaries that had their seals used will have a defense. It is required by law for the notaries to guard their seals although it will depend on each individual state laws. There are requirements if the seal is lost or stolen.

I would be even more afraid if I thought that many notaries had their seals used without their knowledge that is a SCARY idea. I know it has happened - I heard one mortgage guy witnessing on the stand that he had not signed some documents and that his signature was used without his permission. If it can happen to bankster I'm sure it can happen to notary too.