Monday, September 6, 2010

Foreclosures are un-tenant-able -

QUESTION: Do you know your rights?

Foreclosures are un-tenant-able - "Tenants have lost security deposits, unwittingly paid rent to former landlords or been forced by new owners to move out, experts say.

“The vast majority of the tenants we talk to are having their rights violated,” said Gabe Treves of San Francisco group Tenants Together, which has counseled some 3,000 renters caught up in their landlords’foreclosure cases.

“Banks are being very aggressive in trying to get the tenants out, Treves said. “They are stuck on the idea that if tenants vacate the home, they can sell it.”

Lenders often offer tenants cash settlements to move out.

But renters have the right to turn such deals down.

Just ask Lynne Codde.

She rejected $500 to leave her Antioch, Calif., rental following the home’s foreclosure.

“We just kind of laughed at them,” said Codde, who eventually negotiated a $4,000 settlement to leave.

A 2009 federal law aims to protect tenants such as Codde and Kennedy-Florez from immediate eviction."

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