Monday, September 13, 2010

Guardian news: Recognizes US political woes

Barack Obama has discovered that people can't eat hope | Gary Younge | Comment is free | The Guardian: "The fact that the best hope for the Democrats in November's midterm elections is for Republicans to select candidates so ridiculous and reactionary that voters have no choice but to vote Democrat lays bare the parlous state of American electoral politics.

After Bush's second term, which infuriated liberals and embarrassed conservatives, came a brief rush of enthusiasm among at least half the country over the potential of Barack Obama's presidency. After that brief, euphoric rally, the political class is now double-dipping back in cynicism and desperation and taking the country with them.

Democrats should be careful what they wish for. Just because Republicans are becoming more extremist doesn't mean they can't win. Two Tea Party candidates have already been selected in safe Senate seats and five are on the ticket in tight races. Of these, two hold double-digit leads and the remaining three are in dead heats."

read more of this fascinating look at US politics from the UK view.... by clicking title link above.

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