Thursday, September 9, 2010

Local news endorses self defense: Foreclosure Seminar soon

Your legal rights in foreclosure: "When home foreclosures are taken to court, many homeowners can't afford a lawyer and end up going toe-to-toe with a bank's attorney in front of a judge. Despite the disadvantage, some people do succeed in keeping their home or at least delaying eviction.

Homeowners commonly end up in court after their mortgage goes into default, the lender has auctioned the home and is ready to evict the occupants. The bank asks a judge to rule on a 'forcible detainer' which affirms the bank's right to take possession of the property.

Valley attorney Doug Rhoads says it is possible for individual homeowners to represent themselves in court, which is called 'pro se' in law terminology. 'In the initial appearance you can handle this. You might actually be able to win.'

and this excerpt:
Usually offered once a month, the seminar is hosted by a Valley loan auditing firm, National Litigation Support Services LLC.

NOTE: reservations for FREE sept 15th seminar can be made through speakers include auditors, lawyers and special free consultations appointments can be made at that time.

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