Friday, September 3, 2010

Please retweet this blogpost if you find it helpful in learning about government mortgage homeownership and bank loan modifications

LIST OF PEOPLE that can help please use references as it helps those referring who have taken time to vet these experts.

JD Deal: Auditor of documents, works with lawyers, conducts free seminars or contact with request for information and free consultation appointment.
 602 312 4108

Charles Horner : Auditor for documents, excellent work based in San Diego
 (619) 475-8412

Beth K. Findsen: Lawyer foreclosure specialist. I have not used her but she is highly recommended and I have talked to her office extensively.

Cindy Cantrell: Affadavit to correspond with Document Examinations, Review of audits and foreclosure document signatures. Notary and Title Extractor examining chain of title. 

Additional recommendations are being vetted. Feel free to make suggestions. I do not recommend unless I trust them. Some of these people are very busy so you have to allow for communication timing.

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