Friday, September 3, 2010

Restaurant Wars of the Eviction Kind: Wellesley's Tian Fu gets eviction notice -

NOTE: And you think you have it bad? Can you imagine having to move a restuarant (and customer base) that has been established this long?

Wellesley's Tian Fu gets eviction notice - Wellesley - Your Town - "Tian Fu’s troubles began when Gravestar declined to renew Star Market’s lease. The restaurant was given a deadline of Aug. 31 to vacate the premises; Kerwin said he has asked lawyers with Gravestar to extend the deadline until Nov. 1.

“Even that isn’t really enough time,” Kerwin said. “We’ve attempted to speak to lawyers with Whole Foods and Supervalu, the company that owns Star Market, as well. So far, everyone has said they would not comment on the negotiations behind the decision, and we haven’t made much progress.”

Heather McCready, regional publicity director for Whole Foods, declined to comment earlier this week.

“As Whole Foods Market is simply a tenant of Gravestar, we cannot comment on any lease arrangements involving third parties,” McCready said.

Earlier this week, Zhen Yu said the many friends and satisfied customers she has made over the past 18 years have come out of the woodwork, offering moral support, real estate advice, and even financial help."

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