Monday, October 18, 2010

Bi-Partisan Effort to Fix Foreclosure Mess


I did not get to watch the news shows yesterday, you know This Week, Fox and Friends, Meet the Press.  All the shows that get some debate going on headline political issues of the week.  I have been so busy with our financials, building business and seminars,  that I have not had a chance to watch in depth news shows for
several weeks.  Even my radio talks shows have taken a back seat while driving. (pun intended) during the last three months. 

If this is something being talked about; ad naseum, then please forgive me.  I am not seeing a lot of the talk on blogs about how the efforts to right the foreclosure mess ARE Bi Partisan.  I hear calls for leaders to fix it and threats if the Dems "do that" or if the Repubs "do this;"  "the world will end." 

 I must admit it can sound Partisan when its the Democrats in California calling for reform while my Rep friends (I am Rep.) say little.   It does sound like Obama wants two opposing things,  he wants investigation and rule of law and yet he doesn't want national moratorium.  Welcome to LIFE, Mr. President:  hard choices can cost big time dollars.  There is no way the housing crisis, foreclosure mess, economic recession will be  solved without extreme financial hardship.  

But, I ramble.   The point is recognize that we have BI PARTISAN  efforts right now to investigate and deal with the toxic loans, mortgage fraud, bank fraud,  investor pools and foreclosure mess.   I have rarely seen in my lifetime, 50 states in unity.  WE have today Attorney Generals, from BOTH sides of the aisle - combining together to investigate banks and courts.  They have not said they are investigating courts - but judges better be quaking in their boots.   There is no way the AG's can investigate the mortgage/foreclosure fraud without hearing complaints of judges that have allowed evictions to go through - knowing of the fraud.   Having both Dems and Reps unified to investigate should be cause of concern for all involved in fraud.

That this major investigation going on is BI PARTISAN is to be commended and everyone should take a moment to write, email or call and thank them for investigating.  Ask you r Attorney General  to leave no stone unturned in the investigation:  include the  judges, insurances, the recorder's offices as well as the financial institutions. Would we like to see more?  YES we would, an immediate national freeze on ALL foreclosures, evictions and even resale of bank owned homes.  A freeze that lasts  more than 90 days - perhaps that is needed.  Whatever happens, tough choices are ahead. 

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