Friday, October 1, 2010

Foreclosed ? and facing Eviction? I HAVE A PLAN � Timothymccandless's Weblog

Today I wanted to highlight one of the blogs that I feel is helpful to people. He has links to forms and steps to help you out. FIND groups in your area to support each other. Join mortgage challenge yahoo group or and don't allow yourself to be thrown out. Especially with all the fraud that is FINALLY coming to light in the media. Much of his site is geared to California but you can find corresponding law in your state laws online.

Foreclosed ? and facing Eviction? I HAVE A PLAN � Timothymccandless's Weblog: "Foreclosed ? and facing Eviction? I HAVE A�PLAN

The next thing you can expect is a knock on your door. It will be the friendliest guy or gal that you would ever want to meet. Its the real estate agent with orders to get you out of the house. They may offer you cash for keys or whatever remember they are not your friend they have one purpose and one purpose only. TO GET YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OUT.

They may say things like don’t worry we can get you back in the house and you can buy it back. I had one Realtor promise that the people could buy back the house they just needed to move out over the weekend and the lender would work things out for them. They did only to find the Marshall had posted the house and nobody could get back in except a 3 hour period to get their stuff to the curb. Don’t let it happen to you.

In California tenants have 60 days and former owners 3 days before an eviction can be started. Under the"

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