Friday, October 1, 2010

Modify your Loan with AUDIT REPORT:

NOTE: Face it, many dont' have the will to fight with banks and government etc. I think EVERYONE should just stop paying mortgage now and sue banks but that is just a belief that the world is upside down and the only way to fix it is shock treatment. After all if they fudge on foreclosures are you SURE they did ANY recorded documents correctly? Are you sure you even received a loan? go to my referral page and HIRE a document examiner - get the report and help modify that loan with some clout if that is what you are intent on doing!

GET an AUDIT:  National Litigation Support Specialists:  email Tell him I sent you.

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J.P. Morgan Chase Foreclosure Suspensions–Will Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Get A Second Chance? | Red, White, & Blue Press: "Countless homeowners with top mortgage servicers have cited problems, specifically in the home loan modification program, where lenders have repeatedly asked for documentation, stalled homeowners in a trial home loan modification plan rather than moving them into a permanent modification status, and denied modifications in cases where a homeowner should have qualified; all of which have caused a deeper rift to emerge between homeowners and mortgage lenders.

While mortgage servicers who are seeing increases in foreclosures may also be providing assistance through home loan modification plans, it’s hoped review processes, like the one J.P. Morgan Chase is conducting, will create an environment where homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage will not simply be cast out of their home but will require that representatives with mortgage servicers take a closer look at a homeowner’s situation in order to provide better assistance and allow homeowners to possibly avoid the foreclosure process."

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