Thursday, August 18, 2011

BART Police latest victims of 'Anonymous' | Gather

Zingervotes decided to run this article because as many of you in the foreclosure defense fight know, the world is changing. The results of financial hardship such as foreclosure or job loss or even just stock market drops can cause rioting. The corruption in foreclosures and the banking industry has been ignored. The resulting actions by political corruption, police corruption is leading to turmoil and modern day vendettas. V was a popular movie that highlighted the need for people to regain control of their government. ANONYMOUS is the modern day V according to many. Read, watch the videos and keep up with what is happening with this group!@

BART Police latest victims of 'Anonymous' | Gather: BART police are the latest victims of the group "Anonymous." On Tuesday the list of the police officers, along with personal data, was copied off one of BART's police union website and was posted on another for public viewing. This is the second digital attack since Sunday and seems part of the threats coming from Anonymous.

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