Saturday, October 23, 2010

PROTESTS: WHAT is Best for America? $363 Billion earmarks for Banks?

I read the headlines and my ears turned red, and steam was visibly rising from the top of my head!  

If this doesn't make your blood boil, then you are not an American taxpayer or homeowner.   Of course this is only projection and it could be less, but experience has taught me that in GREED it will be possibly DOUBLE.  That is totally my own opinon and estimate. 

People are starting to get off their butts and  say, "ENOUGH!" just a sampling of a few of this years headlines: 

Class Warfare: Hundreds Protest Outside Bankers' Houses In DC 
First Posted: 05-16-10 08:00 PM   |   Updated: 05-17-10 05:46 P

Protests are not liimited to America: Britain had a Facebook Protest  Janurary 2010, led by Alister Darling. The Facebook protest is  geared towards government and taxes related to Banks Big Bonuses.  

Or how about England's protest and while I hate the language I love the audacity and simplicity of thought 

New Jersey protest demands banks be held responsible for housing ...

Apr 18, 2010   with signs on bikes Fuck Barclay's

If you are sick of bank bailouts, whining and crying by Fannie Mae get active. (retweets and shares appreciated)   If you; like me, are sick of the Bank's fraud and deceit and control then get active.  Call your Govenor, Attorney General and President. 

Last watch this PROTEST Video below  and remember many pensions are wrapped up in the foreclosure fraud.  These people spell it out well.   Protests in America may be all we have left, if we are not to end up in Riots like Greece and France (use my search for other related blogposts).   Our Government needs to get with the program fast and stop bailing out banks. 

Also watch the video below with phone call  Bank of  America Complaint.   Names are screeched out. 
With that I leave you to get busy and PROTEST, WRITE LETTERS, MAKE PHONE CALLS and SAVE AMERICA

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