Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video DIANE SAWYER: INvestors are pulling out of Banks International Unrest?

This is a second post...  My first post was good but in listening a second time to  the broadcast,  I decided my first post was not entirely focused enough. In listening again it touched on the turmoil that is all around me.  In groups and online email lists - I can feel the turmoil and the unrest of people in financial difficulty.  The frustration of leaders not taking action fast enough. AFter all the BANKS knew of the foreclosure problems YEARS ago and in past two years with increasing foreclosures and economic recession did NOTHING to address the fraud. NOW I wonder, is it too late?    Is it ever to late to come clean?  Can we re-cooperate? We as a nation love abject apologies!   Remember Clinton's I'm sorry or Jerry Swaggert's tear streamed face?  People are willing to forgive but can we live with the results?   Can we regain financial greatness and retain property rights.

In the video above I heard something that shocked me for the second time.
INVESTORS ARE PULLING OUT OF BANKS. Watch the video above  and listen between the lines.   The reason this is troublesome, is that PENSIONS are at risk, and there are calls by others to stop banking. I have seen the call to withdraw all funds from governmental controlled banks - retirement etc.  The call is to move to cash basis.

 IN GREECE, the financial problems have cause riots and strikes and turmoil which is spreading to Europe. It may come to that here. It is time to make sure you have your ducks all in a row. Get financial things straight and decide what you want to do.  These are my recent reports on that topic:

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