Monday, October 18, 2010

Video Report: BANK OF AMERICA resume foreclosures next week: WSJ

NOTE: How the heck they can resume foreclosures with corrective paperwork is beyond me. If yo had defective paperwork then they need to start over with notices and all. How can you resume doing something that was started wrong. This is a great move to try to make us all feel warm and cosy... the economy scare is a nothing and don't worry. WEll The ECONOMY will not collapse by starting it all over and doing it right - the problem is the WRONGS have to go back to teh mortgage documents to start with, the loan apps etc. There are so many problems with toxic loans, appraisals, TILA/RESPA violations etc. Foreclosure fraud is no different - Like I said in previous post.... SNOW JOB

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LeD'z said...

have seen this video before and was thinking how things would go in the next days..whether bank of america have more better plans.

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