Friday, October 8, 2010

Viral Report of BANK FRAUD: BEST REPORT SEEN! Video included

BEST Report I have seen on the bank and political FRAUD involved in foreclosure fraud.  Now they need an in depth report on the MORTGAGE FRAUD.    If you are concerned that you might have mortgage fraud search through the blog posts using tool above.  OR Check Many of the blogs on the blog roll to right and join mortgage-challenge yahoo group and   You can also find out about foreclosure fraud and resources on these groups.

30-90% are WRONG.  Everyone I know says the figure is 90% and sometimes more.

If you know someone facing eviction give them the information on where to get help by letting them know of these groups.   It is not to late.

Listen to the report above and pay attention to the securities and chain of title.   WE need to save AMERICA  and deal with the fraud.  FRAUD is FRAUD is FRAUD.  PENSION funds are affected.

KUDOS to MSNBC for the BEST article I have seen! And to see the full video report of Woman burglarized by her bank CLICK HERE

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