Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Was the Hannity 'Stop Hillary Express' a good move for foreclosure victims?

NOTE: I am finding myself mad that I joined the Stop Hillary Express... who knew OBAMA would actually make it into the white house. Hillary as you can see has a much better handle on what needs to be done. BUT I am Republican and a few of them actually seem to have an idea too. I would like them to speak out more so people would hear the views. My favorite candidate last year is unsupportive. My favorite candidate this year will be more in line for the foreclosure/mortgage issues that I feel are vital to this country.

Presidential Candidates For and Against a Mortgage Bailout: "Presidential Candidates For and Against a Mortgage Bailout
Published Dec 13, 2007 | RSS Feed | Text Size
The mortgage crisis has turned foreclosures and the U.S. economy into major election issues. Some presidential candidates are pushing hard for a mortgage bailout; others are dead set against it. Where does your candidate stand on the issue?

NOTE:  In the above article it shows Hillary Clinton has some whacky ideas... I think the ideas are great... a 90 moratorium would help stop CRIMES from continuing at least for another 90 days.  Personally I think they should be stopped altogether for years... so that homeowners can get up to speed and win their houses back.  Given the billions to trillions  the goverment has spent i t would have cost FAR less to buy out ever single home in America.   What do you think?    Who do you favor as candidate regarding this issue.   

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