Monday, October 11, 2010

WRONGFUL Foreclosure spur Bank Break-In: Not Foreclosed !


The Foreclosure Mills keep churning, Senators and Attorney Generals demand answer, and Banks freeze foreclosures to cover their perjurious documents submitted to courts.

We thought just evicted people by lying to the courts was horrific but these two news reports confirms that the rush to foreclose is not only illegal but potentially dangerous.   Dangerous for the contractors and for the homeowner and possibly for bank executives who might need to start watching their backs while eating out.

I have not hear much said about it - but what were the contractor's thinking?  I can be quiet while I am home but usually there is some sign that the house is NOT vacant.  Mussed up gravel in the driveway,  possibly a dog barking, TV set or a clean front porch are usually clues that the house has occupants.


This is outrageous that the woman was not in foreclosure proceedings.  Does it matter if she was in foreclosure or the foreclosure had been completed with sale?

WHAT right does ANYONE have to change the locks with people residing in the house?  I thought that was what the scary summons to court for forcible detainer (*eviction proceedings) was about: Eviction first, change locks later.  You can my upclose and personal post to read  about forcible detainer action.   Generally,  a Sheriff's deputy comes knocking on your door, which can be scary enough.

I am now going to print this post  and tape it to my front door - with that action I will ask you to join me and  LEAVE  THE LIGHT ON  = SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.  It may raise the electric bill, but I'm sure it's for a worthy cause. Stop the madness: call or email  3 government officials  this week  asking them to stop foreclosures across America.


LeD'z said...

big banks like bank of america is one of those banks who freezes their foreclosure deals..i wonder how things will work out in the next days..

stop home foreclosure

Anonymous said...

Next days have passed long and nothing really happened in regard to wrongful foreclosures.