Monday, November 1, 2010

American Association of Notaries- notary public

NOTE: Trying to calm some notaries after hearing reports the following site has great advice for Notaries. This site also explains the wrong doing in a matter of fact way. The Robo Signing, The Fraud, Scams and Shams. Interesting short one page read.

American Association of Notaries- notary public: "Reinforce Good Habits
The key to avoiding being associated with fraudulent transactions is to perform notary duties with fidelity. Practice the same good habits in each notarization.

--Keep flawless records. Use a record book to record every notary act. Even if the notary’s state does not require it, notary record books journalize a history of notary acts and convey that the notary takes his or her duties seriously. Make notes in the journal of unusual requests or circumstances and be specific in noting method of identification and the titles of documents notarized. Always note the fees paid for each notary act.

--If the fee offered by a potential client sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Notaries should not involve themselves in any type of transaction where they receive more than a reasonable fee for performing notarizations. Notaries should be wary of situations in which exorbitant fees are offered, particularly if the notary is asked to bend the rules.

--Notaries should perform an oral ceremony for each notarization and should not be willing to perform a notarization if they do not have the opportunity to ask the signer, 'Do you swear or affirm...?' or 'Do you acknowledge...?'"

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