Friday, November 26, 2010

Guatemala News | Primer: What Is a Wrongful Foreclosure?

Guatemala News | Primer: What Is a Wrongful Foreclosure?: "In a 2007 analysis of bankruptcy mortgage claims, University of Iowa law professor Katherine Porter found that about 40 percent of the time, banks didn’t provide the proper paperwork—specifically, the note—to enforce a mortgage claim and collect the debt. She wrote that the statistic was “troubling” and a threat to the “integrity of the bankruptcy system.”

Many foreclosure defense attorneys argue similarly about banks’ failure to produce the same paperwork when enforcing foreclosures. To this point, an official from the Florida Bankers Association told the Jacksonville Business Journal that foreclosure defense attorneys are taking advantage of legal technicalities [19], and delinquent homeowners shouldn’t escape consequences simply because there were mistakes in the transfer of mortgage paperwork.

Despite the debates elsewhere, many legal experts seem to agree: The so-called technicalities go to the heart of the American system of law and property rights. To argue otherwise, testified Georgetown University associate law professor Adam Levitin, would be to “claim that rule of law should yield to banks’ convenience [20] [PDF].”


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