Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wells Fargo `Robo-Signer' Draws Dismissal Motion in Maryland - Bloomberg

Wells Fargo `Robo-Signer' Draws Dismissal Motion in Maryland - Bloomberg: "Maryland homeowner asked a court to dismiss any Wells Fargo & Co. foreclosure actions in the state that involve affidavits given by a bank employee who said she signed documents without completely checking their accuracy.

Susan Saidman asked a Montgomery County court to recognize as a class all defendants in Maryland cases with foreclosure papers signed by Xee Moua for Wells Fargo. In a March deposition in a Florida case, Moua said she didn’t verify all the information in filings she signed, sometimes processing as many as 500 in two hours.

To permit “foreclosure actions to proceed based upon these false and fraudulent papers would be to accept dishonest and bogus behavior in Maryland courts,” Saidman said in a motion filed Oct. 29. “Such a result would be an assault on the rule of law.”"

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