Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jared Loughner: Palin puppet or Individual with Delusions

When conversing on Faceebook with friends about the Tucson shooting, most are very concerned about mental illness and the way it affects our society and how it is often not diagnosed or dealt with properly. Some of the discussion turned toward the shooter and blame towards political figures. I have other theories that do tend to evolve from all I have learned in the foreclosure fight - my theory is that we don't know much of anything and the media will not be forthcoming any time soon.

Jared Loughner: Palin puppet or Individual with Delusions

This is the post I posted on Facebook: "John Laughner the Tuscon Shooter of Gabby Giffords and Judge Roll was not exactly a tea party member... and indeed he was anti government. You may not realize it but most (I'd say a HUGE percentage) of Tea Party members WANT government to change - not anti government. Media will try to portray him as a tea party member - but initially it was reported he was of liberal leanings.... hardly tea party stuff. Many Liberals believe in the gold standard and classically that is part of the definition of Liberal. Media is saying those that want gold as a standard are Tea Party members.

There is no proof whatsoever that the shooter listened to Palin! Logic dictates certain things follow each other. The shooter was an isolationist. I haven't read anything about the shooter attending tea party meetings etc... .that is something that some people have INTERJECTED in order to prove their point that it was political rhetoric that contributed to the shooting. The statement that he was influenced by maps or political rhetoric of Palin; infers that Loughner not only listened to but acted statements by Sarah Palin and interpreted her to be condoning violence. To do that you have to establish he actually listened to Palin and it just doesn't seem to be reported that he was her fan! Since Loughner's violent tendencies predate Sarah Palin, I think this is total BS. At some point you have to think logically.


I mean, after all Loughner is going to listen to those that AGREE with him. It is doubtful he was influenced by ANYONE especially given his derangement. He was a loner, independent and held his own opinions. Those characteristics are what each of the people that have known in the past have stated. In the few reports I have read, none of his friends called him a Tea Party member. In fact, one report captured and summed up what I have read in other reports today:

Friends described Loughner:
"He did not watch tv. He disliked the news. He didn't listen to political radio," Zack Olser, said, "He didn't take sides. He wasn't on the left. He wasn't on the right." - fair use quotes. Zack Olser was one of his high school acquaintances.
So where is the evidence Jared Loughner LISTENED to any of Palin speeches?

WHAT next, is the media going to start saying a huge contribution to his violence was a heartbreak and people should stay in a less than happy relationship, because a breakup might set off violence later on? Some reports said that a girl that broke up with him a few years back and indicate the breakup triggered his downward spiral. She is not responsible for his actions and neither is Palin - much as you would like that to be.

What next , people should not break up because it might cause a mental upset? Logically that means that we will have to outlaw, breakups, and any politcal rhetoric that is questionable; instead of dealing with the mentally ill in a better manner in America.
He also smoked pot and took drugs and was not religious - are those contributing factors too?

I still stand by the theory that there is WAY MORE here than media is letting on, and I am not so sure he was mentally ill. I am waiting for more information to come out.

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