Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rupco notches housing successes | Westfair Online


Rupco notches housing successes | Westfair Online: "In 2010, RUPCO was the make-or-break force that helped 55 homes find first-time buyers in Ulster County. As importantly, RUPCO counseled 400 homeowners on how to forestall imminent foreclosure.

“I think we’ve been able in these difficult economic times to bring additional housing resources to Ulster County and to the Hudson Valley region,” RUPCO Executive Director Kevin O’Connor said. “We’ve worked collaboratively with so many organizations. The foreclosure initiative – the Hudson Valley Foreclosure Prevention Program – is RUPCO, Hudson River Housing and Legal Services of the Hudson valley – serving huge numbers. The partnership with Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-Housing program is a stimulus program – a $1million partnership between RUPCO and Family of Woodstock – that targets first foreclosures.”

O’Connor said the downturn has been the worst in the region since the major loss of IBM jobs in the early 1990s. “We have served twice the number we expected to in half the time.” Acknowledging both the need and RUPCO’s proficiency at dispersing funds, he said another $260,000 has been allocated by the state to bolster its efforts.

Additionally, RUPCO has:"

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