Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: County Court Judge in UK arrested by Protestors

UPDATE:  A County Court Judge has been arrested by Protestors in the UK.   The protest started yesterday in Birkenhead county court in the United Kingdom.   The protest involves signs, crowd chanting and a sit in.  Police have moved in.  It seems to have started because of a bankruptcy and taxes.   

The Judge Michael Peakewas escorted out from the building without the citizens' arrest that was demanded.  I find it fascinating that Judges, POlice and Baliff's have refused to follow citizens arrests.  We have seen that refusal happen in court in Arizona, during a forcible detainer hearing.        Comments are welcome. 

WAtch video on  WirralNewsWire .  WirralNews is providing frequent updates

Yesterday we posted about  a protest at Bank of America which we have called a BANK IN.  We do not believe that either protest will do much for foreclosures, or for corruption in government. The protests do however send a message of seriousness and grab a little attention for problems of the day.  Will people protest high gas prices next?  

BANK of America 'BANK IN': Group Protests Video NEWS

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