Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is the earth going crazy? NEW 6.5 earthquake and Tsnumami warning for Japan

Today it is Monday Morning in Japan and  a new morning brings a new 6.5 earthquake and a Tsunami warning is in effect. The Tsunami is expected to only be 1-2 feet high, but the flooding could impact rescue operations in a major way. HEY "MERICA - stop the war in Libya and go help out Japan!!!! 

This earthquake is in the same area as the previous 9.0 earthquake and resulting Tsunami which has crippled the nuclear reactors in Fukushima Prefecture.  Those reactors are still not in safety zone, leaking radiation, while rescue workers sacrifice their lives to repair the cooling as well as other damages.

Watching the reports of quakes one person has noted that it seems like a lot of quakes are happening in Japan, Figi and even in Nevada. 

CNN reported that the earthquake struck at 7:24 AM on Monday morning.

for more information about the history of earthquakes:


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