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UPDATE JAPAN NUCLEAR: For those who don't know or don't care

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%The article in the intro below,  is a must read article.. I have been so puzzled by friends attitude, they seem to think a low dose of radiation doesn't matter... Paying more attention to microwave or cell phone dangers, than to the current crisis in Japan. I guess out of sight, out of mind? I hear, "I'm not worried." Well - Worry is one thing, sticking your head in the sand is another. Preparing for the "what if?" is not stupid. We can all see the conflicting reports on safety coming from officials. For years coffee is good, then bad, then good for you. Whatever your belief, try to be a little logical. Right now in America, there is nothing to "worry" about, but plenty to prepare for. Preparation by having a storm shelter is an American tradition in the midwest. Are they used all the time? Some years the storm shelter is not necessary - but when it is needed, it has saved lives. 

According to latest broadcast news there are high levels of radiation in the waters surrounding the reactors and even being reported in the sea.  525,000 gallons of fresh water is being made available by the USA miliatry to pump into the nuclear reactors. 5 tons of bottled of water are being distributed to Japanese.  I had already figured out that salt water should be temporary, it corrodes and now they are saying it leaves behind residue which clogs nuclear reactor lines. Meanwhile the radiation has leaked into the surrounding ground and sea waters, at 1250x the "safe" levels.  

IF you get too much radiation from even x-rays over your lifetime - it is a health risk. How many times have we heard that pregnant women need to be shielded from x-ray's while at dentist? Do you wear a seat belt?  Do you have an IRA?  Do you even lock your doors? 

I myself am not worried as much for me here and low level but I will take steps to increase my knowledge and protect myself and family.  I AM GOING TO BE BLUNT HERE: PREPARATION AND KNOWLEDGE LESSENS WORRY AND PANIC IN THE EVENT OF A NATIONAL DISASTER OF ANY KIND.

Read the intro to article below and then check out the products that might assist in preparation by being organized for you!!!!       

A senior nuclear executive who insisted on anonymity but has broad contacts in Japan said that there was a long vertical crack running down the side of the reactor vessel itself. The crack runs down below the water level in the reactor and has been leaking fluids and gases, he said.
There is a definite, definite crack in the vessel — it’s up and down and it’s large,” he said. “The problem with cracks is they do not get smaller.”
The cores of reactors 1 and 3 appear to be leaking as well.
This is not to say that there will be a full meltdown which sends radioactive plumes high into the stratosphere. I am assuming that will not happen. But the release of radioactivity is severe and ongoing.
But Low Doses of Radiation Are Safe … Aren’t They?" >>>KEEP READING

READ articles at end of this posting for additional information. I do not personally endorse any product. These are suggestions Read,compare then purchase.

Read up HomeLand Security (FEMA) preparation tips. 

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