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Black Smoke and Tap Water: Nuclear reactor crisis: Japan nuclear reactors

UPDATE MAR 25:  Japan government is acknowledging that the nuclear reactor with plutonium  is leaking.  Yesterday the radiation burns suffered by workers turned out to be more serious news than was released yesterday.  The injured workers actually stepped into pools of water and received immediate radiation burns.   The reactor is leaking as there are higher levels in the atmostphere than previously recorded. 

There is indications that the core is fractured. 

Germany yesterday announced it is fast tracking its halt to nuclear energy.

eFOODS GLOBALUPDATE MAR 23, 2011 (*AM) -  Black Smoke is rising from reactor #3 (the one that is most worrisome) Some workers have been evacuated according to CNN broadcasts. For pictures of damages check on CNN.

Tap water is dangerous for babies, Japanese government ask parents not to give it to infants.  The levels are 2x the legal limit for safety.  (I personally would not drink that water as adult either.) 

The original Mar. 11th earthquake has been upgraded to a 9.0 measure, according to USGS. The earthquake is now officially the 4th largest quake in the world since recordings began in 1930.

UPDATE Mar 22 (pm):  According to  Examiner an EArthquake 8.9 hits Japan;

 Radiation data / CTBTO
The current radiation data from the CTBTO (last one today, data from 18.3. 2011) show that radiation after Russia and California is currently being observed in Alaska and western Canada. The iodine-131 levels in Alaska (Station Sand Point) were in the range of mBqm-3, Canada (Station Sydney, Vancouver) an order of magnitude lower. A health relevance exists. - source ZAMG check for interactive maps of radioactive particle patterns. 


According to broadcast news reports, 18 tons of water are being poured on the nuclear reactors, in an effort to reduce the heat in the nuclear cooling pools. The cooling pools water has heated to boiling.  I can not even imagine what that must look like. 
The boiling water could cause more radioactive  particles to be released. There is still possibility o of explosion.  

One expert is saying that there is possibility of three reactors still having explosion and that the bleeding must be stopped by sandbagging and buying the nuclear reactor.  Michio Kaku (on Fox News)   Workers have re-established power to all 6 reactors and hopefully they can now get the cooling systems working again. The pumps are still broken in unit #2.

TRACE radioactive particles have been as far away as Iceland, according to one reuters report. Resources for preparation, or personal safety steps are listed at end of post.

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO), a Vienna-based U.N. body for monitoring possible breaches of the atom bomb test ban, has 63 stations worldwide for observing such particles, including one in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik - source: reuters

UPDATE: MONDAY Mar 21 7:02 PM:  Just heard on CNN news that the steam plumes are still rising at the Japan Nuclear Reactors and that traces of radiation have been found in Seattle.    A mandatory evacuation American Citizens near the reactor plants is being considered.  More to come.

UPDATE:  MONDAY MAR 21 (PM) -  The steam from Japan's nuclear reactors has subsided and workers are on task to complete electrical hookups to the reactors. Hopefully they will be done within 24 hours and cooling of the nukes can resume via electrical pumps.  Japan has issued restriction to export Milk,  Spinach and other leafy green vegtables from the area.  The US is banning import of the toxic foods. 18,000 people have died during this crisis of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.


2 reactors are smoking and steam is rising from Japan nuclear reactors #3 and #4. The workers have been evacuated, and efforts to keep cooling are halted. Pressure is rising in the reactors. Concern is about5  #3 which has Plutonium.

Why we are not more concerned about this than Libya is unclear. OUr government should be taking this much more seriously. Just saying.

The Japanese have fought hard to limit damage and keep cool as long as possible. With radiation, degrees of exposure matter greatly. The experts are saying that one reactor already has SOME rods that have melted. Bringing to issue the term melt-down.  The question is not if we will experience some fallout in the US but how much fallout will we receive.

There is only one site that I know of that tracks radiation levels across the nation.Made up of volunteers and networked together. Radiation Network updates every 5 minutes learn to read the map and little circles. And yes Denver is always higher than surrounding states.

This is not foreclosure oriented but necessary information to get out. People should at least consider preparing in the event that radioactive release in Japan reaches US in more than expected levels. AT this point there has been no indication that previous releases have reached US in any dangerous level.

Homeland security or FEMA has some interesting information on food and water, and other disaster recovery information.  FEMA lists different kinds of disasters and how to deal with them, hurricanes, fire and nuclear are just a few hazards on the list of 17 disasters.  Find people that know how to handle emergencies.  Just develop a basic plan and be ready just in case. Share information with your family and friends.

EDIT TO ADD:  This link via twitter's Blogging Joe.  If you would like to vote to express what you think about nuclear as energy source, and to get information check out For and Against.

resources for information from FEMA:

Resources for frequently updated news
INformation on travel 
NEI: Nuclear Energy InstituteThe Japan Times Online

               CNN: Disaster in Japan

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