Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interview with Anonymous - BANKS Should be AFraid

Interview with Anonymous - Canada Pop Culture | "Jeromie Williams - Aside from the manifesto released for Operation Empire State Rebellion, what prompted Anonymous to get involved with fighting the banks?

Anonymous - The systematic disregard for United States law and the truth that banking cartels have been given permission to exist long after they were exposed. Anonymous is the people, we are the people's view, we are the people trod upon by the government; those who are affected by the economy the most, and we have watched as the government has done nothing.

Anonymous can not remain idle. We watch, we remain vigilant and we grow more impatient at what is happening. We lend our voices towards the things that oppress the common citizen. The control of the banks must come to end.

JW - Given your success in other cases such as Wikileaks and, how worried should the banks be about the attention they have received from Anonymous?

Anonymous - The banks should be afraid. Very afraid. We have more bank employees willing to come forward from the Bank of America. The content is out and we will use tha"   KEEEP READING by clicking here for full link. Make sure to leave a comment on the full article!!!! please share this by tweeting, stumble and facebook (or other social media)

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