Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seminar Review "Show Me the Loan"

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SHORT Review of the "Show Me The Loan" Seminar held this last weekend in Scottdale, AZ.

There was so much great information that it is almost impossible to know where to start. I have been involved with this group and meeting for a while now, so the information was not new.

What WAS great was having a workbook and DVD set up to help with the information in a more organized fashion. John has those tools available until supplies run out so contact the people on


Darrell was AWESOME and gave information on how to talk to the bank PREVIOUS to any court hearings to reverse the foreclosure process. There are many laws and statutes that have to be followed to be able to complete the foreclosure procedure. I hope to write more on this later. Darrell is in process of writing a book. The biggest revelation for many in Darrell's talk was that you can inform the bank that their foreclosure procedures are not in compliance with law and very simply stop them in their tracks, and force them into starting over. He has done it several times. For some reason the banks haven't figured out how to comply with foreclosure statutes.

Cindy and her affadavit service was very enlightening and fits hand in glove with Bill McCaffrey's services for bank audits and expert witness. Her examinations of the notary signatures and dates will be valuable for many. If you have a report whose auditor will not be able to testify, then it may be worth your while to contact her and pay for her services.

John as usual was very informational and entertaining at the same time. For those not used to him - it can be a bit shocking but you will learn a lot listening to his experiences and his viewpoints about law and terminology.

Bill McCaffrey: I think the biggest thing from him was his normal information but also the statement that JOHN and CINDY are correct in their assessment of the notarization and dates shown on the DOT. Many of the DOT have stipulated that they must be signed and dated and the notaries are showing up as days and in some rare cases a month or so later. It is worth really examining your DOT (deed of trust) and the signatures.

More to come this week.


SteverGee said...

I wish I could have gone to the seminar - can we still purchase a video DVD and materials etc?

I think I need more explanation regarding the signature on the DOT - in my state we have Mortgages - a Purchase Money Mortgage to be exact in PA, the same issue would apply I suppose?

On the front page of the Mortgage it says: 'This MORTGAGE ("Security Instrument") is given on October 30, 2009 ...

then on the last page under Certificate of Residence it says:
I, Linda Barnes do hereby certify that the correct address of the within named mortgagee is 3300 S.W. 34th Avenue, Suite 101, Ocala, Florida 34474 or P.O. Box 2026, Flint, Michigan 48501-2026.

Witness my hand this 3rd day of November.

Linda Barnes, Agent of Mortgagee

Something to me does not sound right about that - Linda Barnes is a witness to her own hand that she is certifying more than one address as a residence of the Mortgagee - and one of those addresses is a PO Box? So who can reside at a PO Box - except maybe a strawman - or strawwoman? Can somebody shed some light on this? And the date she put there does not even have a year - just the 3rd day of November - I did a search on the Florida address and I came up with a health or doctor's office - is that where MERS's resides? Since MERS is a Nominee for the Lender and the Mortgagee - the party to whom i gave the mortgage to? - Something sounds fishy.

Darla said...

Steve thanks for your comments... I think you could ask about video on the showmetheloan.net website. I believe at this time they offered the webinar and it was up to individual to record it - but don't quote me. They may still have workbooks and dvd available for donations.

You situation sounds weird. You may want to consider hiring someone that is expert and can investigate, report and witness to your signature and notary issues. :)

I am not familiar with differences between some of the instruments adn wish I knew more. You can email me anytime or join mortgage-challenge yahoo group and get lots of input there! :)