Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Donald Trump: Chinese 'Looking to Strip Us of Everything'

Donald Trump: Chinese 'Looking to Strip Us of Everything': "In the first part of his wide-ranging interview, Trump ripped China, OPEC, President Obama’s Middle East policies and more. Now he takes aim at the banks, oil prices, Obamacare, the weak dollar and American diplomats, asserts it is “insane” to spend fortunes in other countries when the United States is in dire need of rebuilding, and says if someone is going to take over the oil in Iraq, “maybe it should be us.”

He also predicts gold prices will rise because Americans have no confidence in the president, warns that the United States could become “another Egypt” with riots in the streets over skyrocketing food prices — but insists this is a “great time” for Americans buy a house."

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