Saturday, February 5, 2011

Civil Rights, Government takeover and ICE (homeland defense) freezes domains (scrib'd)

If you have been seeing Homeland Defence ICE postings on websites - this is the scoop. ICE has been seizing domains - supposedly for copyright violations that have not even been proved, addressed or otherwise brought to siteowners attention.  I saw one the other day for and thought "what the heck" since that channel basically streams live tv with commercials. Not familiar with all the in's and outs but there are already processes in place for the wrongdoers.  As a writer on websites, I have had content stolen and my earnings drop. This is not a new problem, and it is usually dealt with through existing legal means.  One wonders what this has to do with HOMELAND SECURITY????   

Although this is not necessarily a foreclosure or eviction, mortgage subject it is  a COUSIN in the fact that the government is taking rights and seizing control in areas that affect us daily... we are losing land rights, ownership rights, right to jury trial, constitutional rights on an ever-increasing basis.  I've learned this last two years to be less judgmental as to wrongdoing and more judgmental of government and its goals and actions. 

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