Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BOA bank of america: Lying Scumbags Hinder Gov. Inquiry and Lose Billions


Watch the video below and as far as I am concerned, I have no sympathy. In my opinion BOA BAC NYM are lying sacks of **** that deserve to lose far more than a measly 27 billion dollars MORE (they already lost 46) . My opinion is they have lied, cheated, committed fraud, interefered in governmental inspections and have hurt the American Economy far more than any little bit of financial damage being done to them now. The estimate is that there are 11 million UNSOLD HOMES that are causing a glut on the market.... lowering values.

Every time you hear a LOCAL government official saying, "we have huge gap in the budget and need to raise taxes," remember this: BANKS and MERS conspired to keep recording fees out of the hands of government. Causing a shortfall of revenue to each state.

Everytime you see a house with foreclosure sign - remember that most of those houses are now owned by FHA/HUD thanks to BOA (BAC) CHASE GMAC (allied) DEUTSHE etc. The banks either sell the homes to FHA/HUD or they bundle up several homes and sell to Million Dollar investors (yup for one million dollars).   SELLING those RUSHED foreclosures back to the government. People can't even buy some houses that are abandoned - we want a house that has been sold to BOA since Aug. 2010. BOA is the owner of record at Maricopa County Recorder's office. BOA claims FHA owns it, FHA has no listing of the property.  SAD!!!!! 

 Everytime you drive by a house and see a sign for sale (bank owned) or paperwork in the window - REMEMBER THAT A FAMILY LIVED THERE ONCE - what has happened to that family? Split up, substandard living place, temporary shelter, living in forests, marriages destroyed or families torn apart and starving pets abandoned to shelters -  SOME HAVE LOST JOBS;

creative commons: BOA kiosks
Every time you drive by a BOA remember that they INTERFERED and HINDERED a government investigation into the foreclosure FRAUD.... needlessly booting out many people after REFUSING to modify loans or answer qualified written requests for verification of debt and all proceeds applied to loans

Every time you drive down the streets of your town, or shop - see how many branches and expensive buildings the banks own.


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