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MR. X - vs. Citibank's motion to expunge notary decommission records from county recorders office

*all facts are to the best of my knowledged and all wrongdoing is alleged... this is written without prejudice and with journalistic license of free speech.  Verification of facts can be done by accessing court document search tools


Reserve Banks and Money Supply - U.S. Federal Government/public domain
U.S. Federal Government/public domain
The fraud and wrongdoing in the banking industry in mortgage and foreclosure fraud knows no boundaries.   Higher than a court judge reins the Secretary of State.  Ranking right up there with the SOS are the state Attorney Generals. You'd think with all of  the fraud discovered and settled with the 50 Attoney General Probe, that the banks would be quivering in their boots. Indeed,  Brian Monohan, CEO and president of Bank of America  (or BAC home loans fka Countrywide Mortgages with  of ReConTrust and ties with Bank of New York Mellon) SHOULD CALL FOR immediate clarification of procedures and reversal of wrong.. but oh no full circle we come, -

BOA is not the only bank that should quiver in its boots,  Deutsche Bank (german) and HSBC (china) GMAC aka Allied, and Chase all have their  dark secrets in the world of mortgage/foreclosure fraud. But I digress, back to the subject.........

Banks indeed are NOT quivering, in fact they are commencing in more illegal actions with one bank
CITIBANK Mortgages  demanding that courts EXPUNGE the Secretary of State's findings regarding notary fraud. No doubt this is due to the fact that banks not only hire notaries full time, they provide the offices, payroll, instrcuctions and holiday bonuses for the robo-signing notaries. Explain to me how a bank can put in motions to disregard law, disregard the SOS findings - and motion to circumvent the reversal of false and forged documents.

Citibank v. Mr. X 

 Secretary of State Ken Bennett is sworn into office
SOS-Ken Bennett
CASE IN POINT:   Our homeowner friend  (Mr. X) , filed a notary compaint resulting in the decommission of a notary's license, making all notarized documents by that notary invalid. Once their is fraud you cannot simply go back and undo the fraud. Fraud by law visciates everything.  Mr. X then files a lawsuit to regain custody of his home.  Citibank is not taking that lying down and files a motion to compel the court to not only disregard the fact that the notary lied and that all documents are now void - but they file a motion to EXPUNGE the recorded notary fraud from the county recorder's office.    powerplay.

 The bank's motion before the courts is to remove records from the County Recorder's Office. Any documents, affidavits or paperwork that would cloud the title due to the notary's CRIMINAL actions. Mind you, no-one is pursuing the notaries to put them in jail, just as no prosecutor has filed charges against the banks for filing FALSE and FORGED documents.  Many homeowners that fall for scams are recording false documents into public records and ending up in jail for breaking the law.

Maricopa County Recorder: Helen PurcellFalse documents cannot be removed from any government recording office, as a matter of law; so why does the bank and court entertain the idea that corrections can be removed?  OH that's right, they weren't required to file a clear chain of title either.................

Arizona Secretary of State LogoArizona Secretary of State LogoMOTION TO EXPUNGE COUNTY RECORDED DOCUMENTS

Our homeowner friend, MR.X, found out about the motion to EXPUNGE SOS REVOCATION OF NOTARY LICENSE from country recorder's files, on a friday - just hours before the answer was due.  His lawyer advised him to not worry about it!   What to do now? Fire that lawyer and try to figure out how to undo what the lawyer's neglect has done. There was no time to answer the motion, given the late hour.
THis is no accident.   In my opinion this is an orchestrated attempt to conceal fraud. Winning here in Arizona will set a small amount of precedent... if this is happening elsewhere it will snowball.  WE may have to hav a Suupreme Court ruling on the handling of fraud.

ARIZONA COURTS are notably some of the most corrupt courts in the country - hence NO WINS despite known issues with robo-signing. In other states  such as  New York there is a  modicum of knowledge of  the law when it comes to promissary notes, evidence of debt and correct foreclosure procedures.  Arizona does not care. If they succeed in doing this removal of documents from the public office, then heaven help us all across the nation.

There should be NATIONAL OUTRAGE!!!!  This is scary shit.... that the banks and courts can redo paperwork that OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT OFFICERS have submitted.  The SOS and Attorney General's should put the full weight of their authority upon the court. The County Recorders nationally should rise up and protest the mandhandling of documents that have proven to be valid.  Of course,  let's not forget one bank told the AG in our case that they would not stall the sale anymore - they are right and that's that.   Arrogance at its finest, banks telling the Attorney General the way things will be.

Since the court did not immediately dismiss the banks motion indicates that the court  judges are corrupt and are grasping at any straw to save their pensions.   Pension funds are tied directly to the success of banks, real estate trust funds and even prisoner bonds.  For a court to entertain for 1 second the idea that a notary's decommission (resulting in the notary seal being invalid on documents he/she notarized) tells me that the courts have no basis in law or equity or truth.  Corruption rules.

I don't know which is worse; the thought that a judge is corrupt and part of a conspiracy that erodes civil property rights; or that a judge is innocent, but so uneducated in matters as to actually think the banks did not do anything wrong.

MR. X now is faced with a delimna, do you raise your child, try to maintain a job  and live in peace or continue pursuing the American Dream and trying to make things easier for the next guy, and save America from the loss of property rights - affecting generations to come? AT what cost is it to fight to save property rights for others and for your child and children's children. Spending time in the courts and learning how to do legal paperwork is NOT FUN, it does not build relationships with family or co-workers.

OH YES; make no mistake, if we all sit back and let the banks walk forward with wrongdoing, coverup, paying government settlement fines -instead of paying back those wronged  - we will be losing rights for our children and their children and their children. Property rights are disappearing from this country.
If anyone wants to donate to MR.X - let me know and I will try to arrange something.  The legal fees mount up even when representing yourself. KUDO'S to MR. X - we admire his commitment.

If you live in Arizona read the notary manual - then go to learn how to fight for your home and make sure to donate to help keep the foreclosure fight information flowing. You can also pull your records and put in a notary complaint if appropriate. Watch in coming weeks to see the actual documentation.

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