Saturday, October 1, 2011

John Stuart Notary Complaint Guide for Foreclosure Defense - update

This is quote from John Stuart who developed a guide for foreclosure defense.
I talked to Rob and some attorneys and law firms have purchased the notary complaint guide. THe guide contains my teachings and updates and templates on how to zonk the notaries and stop their crimes from succeeding. This doctrine has been more effective at stopping the banks then everything else combined and has expanded to every state. The SOS, AG, and even governors are starting to realize that we are telling the truth and everyone with the banks are liars.
Here is a link to a new law in Nevada that obviously stems from our efforts to inform the public.

Please consider buying a copy as the funds could help John in his self defense efforts. There is also a link for jurisdictionary on the site. Please consider buying this legal teaching course as the affiliate commissions will assist John. ( I also have link but please use the site affiliate link).

Remember there are no guarantees in fighting foreclosure but you will not win if you do not try. :)

I apologize, but I cannot give updates on my case due to the media coverage.

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