Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Homeowners Ally to Fight Foreclosures | BNET

In Washington, a 71-year-old woman was joined by activists in moving to block loan servicer Ocwen Financial (OCN) from evicting her and her husband, along with their nine children and 50 foster kids, from their Seattle home. She has won a temporary reprieve.
Staying put
Grassroots organizations linking local residents, housing advocates and others are also springing up around the country to resist foreclosures. No One Leaves! of Springfield, Mass., uses tactics ranging from property blockades to legal proceedings in helping residents who have been foreclosed to stay in their homes. And earlier this month a network of groups called Right to the City Alliance mobilized anti-foreclosure protesters to march on Bank of America (BAC)’s Boston headquarters. A similar demonstration this month targeted Wells Fargo (WFC) in San Francisco.
Occupy Wall Street, Homeowners Ally to Fight Foreclosures | BNET

NOTE:   If this had been happening two years ago -  MILLIONS of PEOPLE would still be in there homes.  MILLIONS of dollars of TAX revenue used to fix up decimated neighborhoods would have been saved, jobs loss minimized, families kept together and neighborhoods would not have abandoned houses.  Several BANK CEO'S would be in jail along with coherts that did robo-signing and other acts of fraud upon the body politic! 

There are still houses on the market that have sat empty for 3 years while the former occupants scramble to rebuild their lives.

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