Thursday, May 20, 2010

asset management team

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The real estate asset management team stopped by today. The visit is 10 days earlier than our move out date but they wanted to see if we are still on the property. It feels very vulturish. (new word I made up).

A nice talk reveals much of what we have learned. The left hand of the bank, may not know what the right hand is doing. Which is why, surprise, the assest managment team did not know we had more time. The agent said that things slowly seem to be getting better; as far as people getting help.
HAFA seems to be a program name that pops up a lot. Doesn't help us much nor make me feel proud to be an American. Does anyone reading this have experience with HAFA?

I wonder what is happening to friends from online going through similar. The emotional weight is tremendous and the thought of just giving up is sooooo appealing.

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