Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates on foreclosures and eviction process

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Update May 15, 2010 - As time draws near to make sure that we are NOT evicted, legal considerings accelerate. Everyday we learn more. Facing this on more than one property is intimidating but not impossible. With the bank essentially killing our sale at full price we have grounds to have foreclosure totally suspended. Learning how debt collectors ignore TILA laws, lie and intimidate renters is a whole new universe for trusting souls.

Meanwhile we continue packing and sorting just in case we are forced out of the home. We are fortunate we have two or three alternatives, many have NO alternatives and end up living out of their cars or dividing the family among extended relatives and friends until they locate to better situation. Some live in garages or camp out in parks.

Friends, one year ago, I had no idea, banks sell the loan to themselves - often without proper notification). In Arizona this is not a JUDICIAL procedure it is done by trustee sale. This alleged sale, which I personally think of as a sign over, often results in a summons to eviction trial (forcible detainer) with a 3 day notice to appear. After that there is 5 days until trial or until writ to the sheriff is written, depending on how you plead. Certainly if I had known the future, I would have simply sold the house when it had equity and would never have listened to the bank reps telling me that to lower payments I had to go late by a few months.

If you are a renter or owner facing possible eviction, foreclosure (or are in foreclosure currently) learn the laws... go to your state laws and learn what is legal and what is not.

If you are concerned about fraud then check out this article.

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